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Be one of these entrepreneurs that are really doing well and made smashing success in our network .

Independent, unsalaried salespeople that joined our network.

These entrepreneurs develop their organizations by either building an active customer base, thereby expanding the overall organization and earn a profit by retailing our viable and effective health products.


Any individual become Distributors by agreeing to purchase any Allure product woth 49.99$ automatically shipped to them each month (Autoship). They can then sell to retail establishments such as health stores,doctors and other health care professionals at wholesale prices and earn commissions, and /or they can purchase Product from the International sunrise at wholesale and sell at retail prices to individual Customers not retail establishments and earn the difference as profit. If they choose, they may sponsor other Distributors to work under their supervision. No stocking of inventory is required since most product is shipped directly to the purchaser

Three (3) ways for a Distributor to earn money


As a Member Distributers, may sell to retail establishments such as vitamin and health food stores, doctors and other health service professionals. The Distributor receives the lowest wholesale price on the specific Tower product purchased.  Such establishments may purchase at wholesale prices without purchasing a Distributorship or subscribing to the autoship program as required of Independent Distributors. The product will be shipped to the Retailer by International Sunrise, and the Member Distributor will earn the difference between wholesale and the retail price at which the product is sold to Retailers. 


By selling directly to non-retailer customers, a Member Distributor earns the difference between the wholesale and retail price. For example, the wholesale price per I-900 Water Ionizer is $2,495.00 while the retail price is $$2,695.00. Since the Product is automatically shipped by the company directly to the end consumer each month (Autoship) and paid for using the Customer's credit card, the Member Distributor's earning for each Customer is automatically repeated monthly. Commissions are not paid to Member Distributors earning mark-up profit on retail sales or sales to themselves but can be earned on sales made to and by additional Member Distributors sponsored by them.


Member Distributors may expand their businesses by sponsoring other Member Distributors to work under their supervision and receive the Commissions paid by International Sunrise sold to and by the new Member Distributors and their Downline groups


See Chart on the Marketing Plan

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"A landmark discovery in nutritional science. A versitile, health-giving substance that is found in high concentration in numerous medicinal plants. This remarkable nutrient is an oxygen catalyst, antioxidant, electro-stimulant and immune enhancer."

David M. Grace, B.S., D.C.
Karen Karvonen, M.F.A.

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Allure Health Gel

 An All Natural Heatth Solution.  For skin repair, and helps to heal skin disorders.  Help prevent muscle pulls, cramps & strains...
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Allure Beauty Gel

A Non-toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.  Stay young and beautiful with these promising beauty products.  An All Natural Beauty Solutions...

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Water Power

Enjoy you life with good sufficient alkaline water.  A Miracle Revolution... "Stay Young" with the Power of Alkaline Water!

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Allure Pain Pads and Pellets

The Pads that relieve several pains such as sinus pains, pressure, & nasal congestion, also injury to the back, knee, etc.  

Guaranteed for lifetime use...

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